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    Montieth & Company Appoints Jan F. Kallmorgan As Advisor in Europe

    by M&Co. Staff

    Montieth & Company adds geopolitical risk and investment advisory specialist to the firm’s global advisory board to support its growing cross-border work

     September 4, 2018, FRANKFURT, Germany Montieth & Company, a global specialist communications consultancy, is proud to announce the addition of Jan F. Kallmorgen as a Senior Advisor to its expanding global communications consultancy. Kallmorgen’s appointment to the firm’s EMEA communications advisory team supports the company’s cross-border political advisory and special situations strategy, media, and content solutions and services for its clients.

    Based in Berlin, Germany, Kallmorgen is the CEO and Founder of Berlin Global Advisors (BGA), which helps corporate executives, asset managers and boards to navigate an increasingly complex world, as unprecedented global political and regulatory uncertainties impact M&A, trade, foreign direct investments and public markets. Kallmorgen is also the publisher of the BGA Cables, which provides an overview of geopolitical risks to corporate and financial clients, and a regular speaker at international conferences.

    “Jan’s expertise in geopolitics and international public affairs is an invaluable resource for our global clients,” said Montieth M. Illingworth, CEO and Global Managing Partner. “Jan understands the regulatory, policy, and political challenges facing organizations who straddle money and media markets. Our greatest source of growth today is helping companies large and small achieve their global ambitions and meet the resulting challenges. Jan understands exactly what our clients need to succeed in a rapidly changing world.”

    “I’m delighted to have the opportunity to work alongside Montieth & Company as a Senior Advisor,” said Kallmorgen. “Montieth & Company has an excellent track record of working with clients on an international level. With an already well-established cross-border platform, I look forward to helping them meet their clients’ needs and expand across Europe.”

    About Montieth & Company

    Montieth & Company is a global specialist communications consultancy, dedicated to enabling organizations to seize opportunity and meet their greatest challenges. Montieth & Company operates through five practice groups: Marketing Communications, Corporate and Financial Communications, Litigation Communications, Public Affairs and Government Relations and Issues and Crisis Management. Montieth & Company has offices in New York City, London, Frankfurt, Paris and projects solutions into multiple money and media centre markets throughout North and South America, Europe, the Middle East and Africa, and Asia Pacific.


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