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Frequently Asked Questions

  • To request a proposal, please fill out the contact form here and select “Request a proposal” under Inquiry Type. We will start by understanding your business and marketing communications objectives, the opportunities you’re seeking to realize and any challenges. We then provide our recommended communications strategy and tactical plan, biographies for the team that will work on the account and an estimated budget that is tailored to your specific needs.

  • Each account is led by a Director who is responsible for architecting the strategy and plan and for day-to-day management of the account team. Oversight is provided by our CEO who also functions as the firm’s lead strategist and who works on specific client initiatives. Our Directors manage cross-border accounts in coordination with our global offices and partners.

  • At the beginning of the program, we will set clear objectives and key performance indicators. KPIs are measured by metrics such as the total number of media results by region, spokesperson, target publication, and topic. We also define the core messages and what audiences you want to communicate them to. After the initial 6 months, we revisit your objectives and KPIs, and will re-toggle the program as needed.

  • We have deep and respected relationships with the media in multiple markets, and proactively work with editors, reporters and broadcasters on a daily basis. The media knows us as deeply knowledgeable about our clients, their businesses and sectors, and for providing newsworthy insights and intelligence for their coverage. We understand intimately both what makes “news” and the news reporting and writing process, all in the context of the relevant trends and issues that the media follows.

  • We work flexibly and in a highly integrated way in over 25 media markets and counting. That has been enabled by the march of globalization and the digitization of communications. More and more topics, issues, and crises have become relevant across markets and cultures. This has created a “New Multiculturism” which we have leveraged on for our clients by advancing our own diversity. We speak 9 languages and engage nimbly with the media across borders.

  • We work on a monthly retainer, project or hourly basis, depending on the nature of the program. Budgets are calculated against an agreed upon scope of work. For our cross-border programs, we create one budget that is flexibly and efficiently allocated across media markets to our clients’ highest priorities. That means that your money goes where it is will have the most impact.