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We’ve created a corporate culture upon the values of excellence, collaboration, and diversity and inclusion, all of which have inspired our growth and evolution and shaped our leadership.

Founded in 2007, the firm’s early work focused on providing communications support on corporate critical special situations.

We grew dramatically during the Great Financial Crisis, assisting our clients on a range of issues, crisis management and litigation matters. With steady annual growth we launched new practice groups to offer marketing communications, corporate and financial communications, content development and public affairs services and solutions.

While much of our initial sector focus was financial services, where we retain deep domain knowledge, we now work with clients in over 15 sectors. Early on in our evolution, we also developed expertise working with global organizations, large and small, on their cross-border initiatives expanding into new markets with innovative products and services and special situations needs. That has enabled us to develop a highly integrated, flexible and budget efficient global model enabling us to work in over 20 media markets across the world.

Our Commitment 

to Greater Diversity and Inclusion

We take seriously our responsibility to bring a greater diversity of voices to the narratives of our society. Here are a few of the ways we are committed to making a difference. Read our statement on Our Commitment to Diversity here.

  • We don’t work with businesses or individuals whose actions or beliefs we believe undermine gender, LGBTQ+, ethnic, racial or social equality.
  • Complimentary media training for women and minority spokespersons.
  • We provide support for non-profits that address the needs of the victims of domestic abuse and child sex abuse, the children of the incarcerated, cancer research, the homeless, and elder care.
  • Reduced fees for women or minority founded or majority-owned firms or organizations.
  • 50% of senior management positions at our firm are held by women.
  • Paid internship program focused on diversity hiring.
The Team at Montieth & Company

Our Firm’s History

2007 Montieth & Company was founded

We were founded as a specialist corporate and financial communications consultancy to advise on corporate critical issues and events. This work accelerated with counsel to clients impacted by the Bear Stearns ABS Hedge Fund failure in mid-2007 followed by a long series of management advisory and media relations engagements resulting from the Great Financial Crisis. This included advising victims of the Madoff Fraud and Lehman Brothers bankruptcy.

As markets stabilized, we launched a marketing communications practice focused on the financial and professional services sectors, which added to our issues management, crisis and litigation PR work.

2009 Attained our first ex-U.S. client

Our first cross-border client came in 2009 when we launched a new investment strategy for U.K. asset manager Standard Life Investments (now Aberdeen Standard Investments) in the U.S. media market.

2011 Deepened our cross-border expertise

Our cross-border expertise deepened with the support we provided Brazilian investment bank Itaú BBA. We also expanded our work with global institutional asset managers and other financial services companies. As we grew, we diversified our client base by sector and added content and thought leadership development capabilities to our core media relations work.

2014 Grew our litigation practice

We expanded our litigation practice globally, working on numerous special situations matters involving multiple media markets and jurisdictions. This included cases of Nazi-looted art throughout Europe and the U.S., and litigation to protect the rights of 401k plan savers and retirees.

2016 Established a foothold in EMEA

We expanded our operations to Europe with the launch of our first global hub in London. The expansion provided our U.S. clients with a platform to reach not just the U.K. market but also media in continental Europe. As the office grew, we took on clients needing representation both in the U.K. and the U.S. which began to formally frame our flexible, integrated and efficient cross-border service model across all of our practice groups.

2017 Named Top Financial PR Firm

The New York Observer ranked Montieth & Company in its Power 50 as one of the most powerful PR firms in the U.S., crediting the firm’s unique cross-border work: “Former journalist Montieth Illingworth has built that kind of operation, a self-described ‘super-boutique’ that lives up to its billing. Now splitting his time between New York, London and Frankfurt offices – Paris is next. Illingworth gives staff titles like ‘Global account director’ and hires polyglots who cross borders the way other people cross the street.” We received an award in 2018 and 2019 as well.

2019 Expanded to APAC

We launched a global hub in Hong Kong to service North American and European companies expanding into the APAC region. In the U.S., we also created a Public Affairs practice. We formed a separate company, Tangible PR, to focus solely on the needs of global start-ups and a new entity, Moorgate Partners, that receives payment in stock and provides start-ups capital introduction services.

2020 Rebrand & continued global growth

By 2020, 70% of our revenues came from cross-border accounts where we service a client in multiple media and money markets. While deeply entrenched in the New York, London, and Hong Kong media markets, we represent organizations from over a dozen countries and speak seven languages.

Letter from the CEO Covid-19 Pushed the Envelope of Asset Manager Communications

See more of our latest thinking

As markets plummeted around us, with the S&P 500 hitting the bottom on March 23, it soon became clear that this would be a financial crisis like no other. Asset managers quickly realized that clients needed reassurance. That meant more frequent communication through the digital channels that were available. As a global PR agency that works with financial services companies, we have seen a complete overhaul of asset manager communications strategies in a matter of months – and some of those changes are here to stay, even after the pandemic subsides.

Going Remote

In an unprecedented move for the industry, most asset managers moved operations to offsite locations in mid-March as the coronavirus pandemic took hold. For some, this temporarily involved relocating employees to offsite emergency offices based off decades-old crisis planning to relocate from urban centers. Some New York-headquartered asset managers, for instance, moved their traders to the small office spaces they acquired after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, scarred from memories of the days-long shutdown of the New York Stock Exchange and their own downtown Manhattan offices’ proximity to Ground Zero. It was easy to envisage a scenario where one office or region might be affected by a critical event, but not the whole world.

Within a couple of weeks, as the scale of the virus became apparent, most asset managers ended up with 100% of employees working from home. The hardest to relocate to a work-from-home environment were the traders. Bloomberg Terminals were rigged up in makeshift home offices. Some needed landlines installed and faster Internet speeds. There was a period of adjustment, which undoubtedly contributed to the slowdown of the markets. But, surprisingly, by mid-April most asset managers had the transition to work-from-home under their belts.

Many business leaders have reflected on how this would not have been possible five years ago – let alone a decade ago during the Great Financial Crisis. It’s not just software and apps like Slack and Zoom; the leaps made in cloud technology and bandwidth speeds made working remotely almost seamless.

The transition was so successful that investment managers around the world are prepared to allow remote work for an extended period, as we are all still waiting for a Covid-19 vaccine. Despite concerns from the UK government about the lack of business and foot traffic in London and other urban centers around Europe, firms like Standard Life Aberdeen have said that most staff will not be returning to the office until early next year. In Canada, Sun Life has already declared that asset management and other professionals working out of its busy Toronto hub will not return to the office in 2020.

Read the full article on ValueWalk to discover how asset manager communications evolved.

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