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    Statement on Our Commitment to Diversity & Inclusion

    by Montieth Illingworth

    Systemic racism is a decision made collectively, whether it is conscious and intentional or not. Many people, companies and institutions aren’t reflecting upon how they participate, implicitly, in that “system.” We must take responsibility to make the decisions, as individuals, as organizations, and as part of civil society, to end racism. This is about empowering our own agency and shining a light on individual conscience. But it is also about what we can do to develop and use the collective conscience against racism, whether it is by protesting on the streets, diversifying corporate boardrooms or educating ourselves and others.

    Montieth & Company takes pride in the diversity of our team. We have a history of supporting non-profits to help empower those who need to protect themselves. At the same time we know we need to do more to use our privilege, our resources, and our voice to help facilitate a much needed change. Accordingly, we announced today:

    • Paid summer internships with a priority given to Brown and Black candidates.
    • Pro-bono PR services to organizations and entities whose core mission is to serve and uplift Black and Brown individuals and communities.
    • Corporate volunteer days in partnership with organizations represented by and serving underrepresented communities.
    • Corporate training dedicated to discussing racial and cultural sensitivities in the workplace.
    • Corporate donations to entities owned by or serving Black and Brown individuals and other underrepresented communities.

    For years we have prided ourselves on bringing value to our clients not just based on where they are today, but where we think the world is going. We want to help that world get to a better place, no matter how long it takes, and not just for our clients, but because we believe it’s the right thing to do.

    Find out more about our commitment to diversity & inclusion here.


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