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Eaton Vance acquired the IP for a new type of fund, a hybrid that combined a ‘40 Act structure with active management with the tax efficiency of an Exchange-Traded Product (ETP). It faced three key hurdles: SEC approval, RIA adoption, and industry licensing and distribution support. The asset manager needed communications firm for the fund launch.


We proactively created a communications strategy that explained the benefits of the new fund structure while threading the needle on regulatory restrictions on what can be stated prior to formal SEC approval.

This included education for RIAs on the new product through a specialized communications program focused on investor benefits and differentiation from both ETFs and 1940 Act mutual funds. The strategy was informed by a series of focus groups we created to “test” the positioning and messaging with investors and RIAs.


The first Eaton Vance NextShares fund launch process on the NASDAQ was successful, and we secured select media results that highlighted the fund’s launch and differentiation. Adoption has accelerated as Eaton Vance launched its series and other fund sponsors licensed with Eaton Vance to create their own NextShares products.

Media Results