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    Reflecting on Our Identity

    by Montieth Illingworth

    We launched this new website on June 23, 2020 at a pivotal point for our company and a tumultuous time in the world.

    We knew that our brand positioning had some catching up to do, given how much we’ve evolved over the last few years to meet the changing needs of our clients across a growing number of sectors and global media markets.

    We pride ourselves on bringing value to our clients not just based on where they are today, but where their businesses and the world are going. Accordingly, we’ve added services and solutions and created a flexible, integrated and efficient business model that is both deeply expert in the world’s key media markets and yet also able to reach nimbly across borders.

    We’ve also developed a diverse team that thrives on collaboration, mutual support and achieving results for our clients. That diversity is another point of pride for Montieth & Company. We are uniquely capable of serving global clients across media markets because we have an executive team with a wide variety of backgrounds, cultural experiences and perspectives.

    At the same time, we know that being diverse and inclusive is part of a larger social responsibility and one we take very seriously. We have known and acted on this before today’s acute and urgent attention to social equity. But we also know we need to do more. I encourage you to see here how we’re fulfilling that responsibility.

    It is, of course, an on-going process not just of our own education, learning, and continued growth but also of community engagement. Actions always speak louder than words.

    After launching a new brand identity, we fully expect and look forward to our continued evolution. We feel fortunate to work with great clients and even more so to serving their interests with a single-minded commitment to excellence.


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