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Montieth Illingworth Talks About Public Relations After Covid-19

by M&Co. Staff

Montieth Illingworth, CEO and Global Managing Partner at Montieth & Company, was interviewed by Everything PR about public relation tactics in the wake of Covid-19.

What is unique about Montieth & Company compared to other PR agencies, and how has that informed your view during this crisis? 

Our clients are spread across the Americas, Europe, and Asia and represent multiple sectors. They are experiencing the pandemic in very different ways. Our role as their PR agency is to support them through this challenging period. Our inter-disciplinary capabilities in public relations, public affairs, issues management, and crisis communications have become particularly valuable for our clients in these circumstances. For instance, several clients have accelerated their business planning to take advantage of the need for digital transformation, and our marketing communications solutions have been a big asset for them.

You founded the company in 2007, shortly before the Great Financial Crisis. How does your experience of that period compare to this current economic crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic?

The implications of the Great Financial Crisis became rapidly apparent after the near bankruptcy of Bear Stearns. We saw this first hand supporting a client who was a limited partner investor in Bear Stearns’ mortgage-backed securities funds. Today’s crisis is more multi-faceted, as there are wide-ranging health, social, political, business, and economic implications. Still, we know from our experience in 2008 that if there’s anything more important than anticipating issues, it’s being adaptable to our clients’ needs. We’ve taken on several new clients in recent months because they see the value we provide in that regard.

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