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How to prepare and navigate through cybersecurity crises

by M&Co. Staff

The ICBC cyberattack calls for revisiting some fundamental lessons.


In today’s world, communicators must be prepared for all sorts of crises, whether they’re directly related to company operations or part of our larger society.

With the news of the ICBC cybersecurity attack that disrupted treasury trading last week, it’s a prime time for communicators to consider the plans they have in place to prepare for cybersecurity issues.

To gain a clearer perspective, we spoke with several seasoned communications professionals about how to prepare the right type of communication ahead of an attack, what to do after one, and the advice they’d give communicators who are navigating through cybersecurity crises.

“Internal communications team plays a critical role in instilling confidence in employees that the company is well prepared and able to mitigate the impact of a breach,” said Katarina Matic, global senior director at Montieth & Company.

Internal comms doesn’t stop at relaying the news to employees, either  — it also goes a long way toward setting the mixternal strategy on the right path.

“(Internal comms) plays a pivotal role in informing the external communications strategy and shaping the communication with and the perception of external stakeholders, clients, partners, government, and investors,” Matic added.

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