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Public Affairs & Government Relations

Effective Public Affairs & Government Relations Expertise

Our public affairs work is built on first-hand experience working at all levels of government in the U.S. and stakeholder engagement.

Service Details

  • Stakeholder Engagement

    We take a holistic approach to stakeholder engagement and see it as key to building a reputation and trust in a competitive environment. Whether it’s partners, clients, government agencies, NGOs, think tanks, research organizations, trade groups, employees, community groups, or voters, we create engagement strategies that result in long-lasting relationships rooted in understanding the unique business environment and communities in which you operate.

  • Legislation, Policy, & Regulation

    We know how laws, the legislative and political landscape, and policy efforts at all levels of government can impact your work. Policy analysis, the legislative process, and how that applies to your business environment together inform our legislative strategies.

  • Government Relations

    Our team builds government relations programs that are focused on identifying mutual interests while understanding how those may be impacted by various constituencies. The program execution is sensitive to the political dynamics, flexible, and driven by your short and long-term business objectives.

Our Experience

    Federal monitorships

    Public housing

    Real estate

    Compliance and investigations

    Community board relations


    Coalition building



    Public event planning

    Grassroots organizing

    Community relations

    Community advisory committee creation

    Panel discussions

    Pilot projects with elected officials

    Licenses and permits from city and state regulators

    Community board relations

    Stakeholder engagement

Find out how our integrated, flexible, and budget efficient cross-border services can support you in multiple global markets.

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