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Vote Mama, a national organization that recruits, endorses, and coaches mothers with children under 18 who aspire to hold political office, wanted its image and brand to better represent its expertise, success and goals. With three organizational arms – a Foundation, an Action Fund, and a PAC – Vote Mama faced a unique brand differentiation challenge, namely, finding a distinct and compelling voice for each organization while ensuring alignment within the umbrella brand. A successful rebranding marketing strategy and implementation was critical to strengthening the organization’s fundraising, candidate recruitment and training and would have a significant impact on their media engagement. Vote Mama needed a firm that can lead the conceptualization, development and implementation of three websites including design, architecture and content, just in time for the first-ever national report about campaign funds for childcare.


To achieve this, we combined our marketing communications services, branding, and public affairs experience to bring Vote Mama one step closer to achieving its mission of conveying to any legislator, candidate, mom, organization, and politician their expertise and wealth of resources in getting democratic moms elected to office.


Working closely with the Founder and CEO and the leadership team we created a new identity for Vote Mama that would be the face of hundreds of mothers with young children in local, state and federal government running for and currently holding office.