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Drift Capital, an alternative asset manager providing fractional investments in a diversified portfolio of collectible automobiles, needed to build a media profile to facilitate fundraising. The closed-end Drift Fund, the first of its kind made available in the US, offered accredited and institutional investors the opportunity to invest in a collection of some of the most remarkable automobiles ever made. Collectible cars have historically been uncorrelated to other asset classes, holding their value through market downturns while providing substantial returns over time.

Drift Capital’s core strategy centers around exposure to a diversified portfolio of blue-chip automobiles that have a 20-year track record of outperformance: the Drift Automotive Returns Composite (DARC). The DARC was constructed to ensure that most of the Fund’s investments are in cars that have demonstrated demand, liquidity, and no significant declines in value through multiple economic cycles.

M&Co’s primary objective was to enhance brand awareness about this new type of alternative investment fund that appeals directly to high-net-worth (HNW) investors, their advisors, and institutional investors.​

To establish itself as the trailblazer of this new alternative asset class, Drift Capital needed to connect with influential members of the media and automotive industry to form relationships imperative for acquiring automobiles, building credibility, and sustaining its deal flow.


M&Co was able to facilitate the growth of connections with thought leaders and investors through targeted outreach campaigns and advertising opportunities in corporate & financial communications. M&Co used new asset acquisitions as well as our automotive expertise to create new messaging to position Drift Capital as thought leaders and pioneers in the financial and automotive industries.

Additionally, M&Co and developed ad evaluations across several publications based on proprietary metrics, PR insight and knowledge of the persona of the audience Drift Capital was trying to connect with. M&Co served as an advisor to determine the potential value of all advertising opportunities and negotiate deals that were more favorable for the Drift Capital team and put them in front of as many potential investors as possible.


M&Co placed Drift Capital in several key outlets including Robb Report, Barron’s Penta, and Classic Motorsports, and developed relationships with reporters at Pensions & Investments, Financial Times and Motortrend—key for creating future storylines as the fund evolves.

M&Co also negotiated and evaluated ad buying opportunities with Hagerty, Highline Auto, Car and Driver, Road & Track, Sports Car Market Magazine, The Star, and BimmerLife which resulted in dozens of new inquiries from potential investors.