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Artory/Winston (A/W) is a private art and collectibles asset manager that provides opportunities for retail and accredited investors to participate in single or diversified artwork offerings. It was established as a joint venture between Artory, a leader in physical artwork tokenization, and the blockchain-secured registration of verified provenance information about artworks and collectibles and appraisal firm Winston Art Group.

M&Co’s mission was to elevate A/W’s brand awareness and position the newly created company as a key player in the financial, art, and tech spaces through a strategic and targeted thought leadership and media outreach program.


We worked closely with A/W to articulate a clear and compelling brand narrative, emphasizing the innovative role it plays in the art industry. The team developed a content strategy that educated investors about A/W’s offering and showcased its commitment to transparency, security, and innovation.


By identifying and engaging with influential media outlets, we secured interviews and articles that spotlighted A/W’s unique approach to art investment, ensuring that A/W’s message reached the right audience.

Leveraging strategic company announcements, including product launches and key partnerships with digital platforms Republic and Securitize, we successfully secured coverage for A/W in trade and top-tier media, including The Wall Street Journal and Barron’s Penta. Furthermore, the team contributed to increasing A/W’s media visibility by implementing a strategic, well-planned thought leadership platform.