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A/W, a collaborative venture between Artory, a prominent figure in the tokenization of physical artworks, and Winston Art Group, a valuation and provenance verification firm using blockchain technology, operates as a private asset manager specializing in art and collectibles. Its primary objective is to enable both retail and accredited investors to engage in individual or diversified art investment opportunities.

M&Co’s primary objective was to enhance the recognition of A/W’s brand and establish the newly formed entity as a significant participant in the realms of finance, art, and technology.

To establish its presence and better differentiate itself in a crowded market, A/W needed a strong brand identity that clearly showcased its unique value proposition. To consolidate two brands into one, the new branding and design required careful planning and strategy for thought leadership and media outreach.


M&Co started the process by evaluating A/W’s marketing assets and conducting industry and competitive research to identify the most relevant positioning for the new brand. Based on this research, M&Co developed key messages that would resonate with A/W’s target audiences while being uniquely differentiated in the marketplace.

The team also advised on the design and development of the website. M&Co worked closely with the in-house designers to create an optimized content architecture and provided recommendations on user flow and user experience, making it easier for A/W to quickly roll out a functional site that directs potential investors to the correct offerings.


The new brand messaging successfully communicated the company’s mission and vision for the future of its offerings. By combining language from the art world and web 3.0 industries, the M&Co team was able to strike a balance between complexity and brevity.

A/W’s brand identity introduced the new brand to the world, enhancing the company’s ability to attract investment and establish its reputation in the market.

M&Co also created a media outreach program for the client, which can be read here.