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A large aerospace and defense contractor acquired a highly innovative small business technology company. The company wanted to quickly integrate its new company to see the financial benefits of the acquisition, but the introduction of new processes and senior management was threatening the acquired company’s technical talent and culture of innovation. It needed an internal communications strategy.


Montieth & Company developed a gradual transition plan centered on addressing employees’ concerns by including them in the integration process as much as possible. We also ensured that senior executives visited and conducted “all-hands” sessions with employees at key junctures.

The focus of the company integration was on job mapping, benefits, training, and compensation to make sure the employees realized that their concerns were acknowledged and understood. We gathered feedback regularly, which management used to take action and acknowledge and address concerns. Milestone successes were communicated internally via newsletters and externally via the news media.


In less than a year and half, the company was completely integrated with less than 6% attrition, while the profits nearly doubled thanks to M&Co’s integration consulting services.

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