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Montieth & Company Launches Investor Perception Analysis

by M&Co. Staff

Creating new insights for asset managers to meet clients’ investment objectives

New York/London, May 29, 2013—Montieth & Company, a specialist communication consultancy, announced today the launch of a new advisory solution for the global asset management industry designed to help managers better understand the fund allocation decisions of institutional investors. Montieth & Company’s “Investor Perception Analysis” is based on a proven proprietary set of analytical tools that reveal the deeper convictions held by institutional investors about what they expect and need from asset managers to help them achieve their investment objectives.

“Asset managers can never know enough about what drives investor allocation decisions, and we can now provide them with the intelligence, insights, and analysis to deepen understanding of their clients, form closer bonds of trust, and advance the ability to help them achieve their investment objectives,” said Montieth M. Illingworth, CEO and Global Managing Partner. “This is an invaluable solution for global asset managers looking to differentiate themselves in an increasingly competitive marketplace.”

Montieth & Company’s Investor Perception Analysis was developed in concert with Peter Firestein, a strategic advisor to the firm and a leading expert on investor research and analysis and corporate reputation management. “The ‘Investor Perception Analysis’ reveals the specific characteristics in an asset manager that can lead investors to choose that manager over competitors,” said Firestein, who has over 20 years of experience advising corporate leaders on how to strengthen their relationships with investors and other stakeholders. Firestein is also the author most recently of “Crisis of Character: Building Corporate Reputation in the Age of Skepticism.”

The Investor Perception Analysis uses a proprietary process, at the heart of which is an in-depth “conversation” or dialogue with institutional investors. Montieth & Company works with the asset manager to frame the relevant questions in that conversation, and then selects a group of existing and/or prospective investors to conduct the analysis.

The findings and recommendations from the analysis are of value to all levels of the asset management organization: CEO, CIO, portfolio managers and analysts, sales, distribution, and investor relations. “We’re providing insight and advice and also actionable strategies for taking advantage of what the Investor Perception Analysis uncovers,” says Illingworth. “We believe these insights will be game changers for the asset manager.”

The core questionnaire used in the Investor Perception Analysis and a discussion of the best practices being applied can be obtained by contacting us.