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    M&Co in Forbes: COVID-19 Vaccination Communications Strategy

    by M&Co. Staff

    M&Co talks to Forbes about strategically rolling out the campaign for the coronavirus vaccine.

    Montieth & Company’s Director of Public Affairs, Katarina Matic, discussed an approach to build confidence in the Covid-19 vaccine rollout in an interview with Forbes. 

    With Pfizer’s shipments of Covid-19 vaccines arriving at hospitals nationwide, business leaders are encouraged to pay attention to the campaign’s unfoldment as it may inform how they can best manage future conversations when confronted with a crisis at their companies.

    Building a successful strategy will be challenging, but Katarina Matic, director of public affairs at Montieth & Company, advises that to be successful, “the strategy must go beyond what we know today, and consider what we do not know, and effectively communicate a response to the uncertainties associated with the logistics of disturbing the vaccine,” she said. ” Hospitals and medical centers [will] play an important role in building confidence in the vaccine rollout and [should] have a communications plan that is flexible enough to accommodate a variety of needs by different communities.” 

    Read the full article in Forbes Magazine:


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