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Evaluating the Return of Boeing 737 MAX

by M&Co. Staff

M&Co talks to Forbes About Strategy to Restore Confidence After a Crisis


Montieth & Company’s Director of Public Affairs, Katarina Matic, in an interview with Forbes, discussed the approach to solving a crisis as big as Boeing’s.

The Federal Aviation Administration’s decision to lift its ban on Boeing’s 737 MAX airplanes marks the end of one chapter of this crisis for the airplane manufacturer and the beginning of another. The company must now convince airlines that it is safe to return the planes to service, buy new ones, and overcome the fear people have in flying on them.

None of this is likely to be easy.

“Katarina Matic, director of public affairs at Monteith & Company, said “One of the biggest mistakes companies make is thinking that communication alone is the key to solving a crisis. The key is both fixing the root of the crisis and instilling confidence and trust in its stakeholders. This crisis required a multi-faceted stakeholder engagement and communications strategy that is both timely and focused,” she said.

 “Boeing’s stress test should be to put themselves in the shoes of the consumer, investor, an airline company, and ask, ‘Would I put my life, my investment, and my company in Boeing’s hands?’ A crisis mitigation strategy is only successful if Boeing’s answer is yes,” Matic said.”


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