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“On behalf of SuperFreeze, thanks for your help in launching the website. Really excellent not only in design, but in helping us get our story into something simple and understandable that our clients, customers, and partners can digest and action. If we knew now, what we did not know then, we would have (should have) sought your help long ago!” 

Collins Roth, Managing Partner at SuperFreeze 


SuperFreeze approached M&Co to build a new website and brand identity and was chosen for its expertise in the renewable energy and technology sectors. The client needed a brand that would be a compelling reflection of its market-leading technology and guiding principlessustainability and reliability.  

SuperFreeze is an emerging leader of the cold-chain industry in Southeast Asia, and to that end, our rebranding and website development strategy would focus on communicating the company’s value-add, impact, capabilities and innovative approach to providing cold storage solutions in a way that resonates with its potential customers, investors, and partners. SuperFreeze needed messaging and design that resonated with audiences in the U.S. and Korea. 


The M&Co team managed and executed the development of a visually compelling and well-organized website that established the client’s leadership in the market. 

SuperFreeze’s approach to sustainability was passed into the design of the logos, brand colors, and creation of the website. Our team successfully implemented a content architecture that prioritized ease of use and effective segmentation along with graphics use, informed by in-depth competitor research. 

Information is strategically laid out so that, with just a glance, website visitors can relate to the company’s mission, values, and value proposition. The brand colors, design, style and the progression of content draw the visitor in. Information is presented in an engaging manner while instilling a sense of reliability, competence and experience in the cold chain sector. 

The M&Co team also completed a rebrand of the company’s image including the development of a branding book and key marketing collaterals such as new business cards, investor and new business decks, one-pagers, and e-signature. The development of collateral ensures that SuperFreeze is equipped to implement its brand identity across channels and ensure its employees can effectively follow brand guidelines. 

The M&Co team were awarded the MarCom Platinum Award for its branding and website work with SuperFreeze. 

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