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An established global insurtech and fintech company with offices in the Americas, Asia Pacific and Europe and customers spanning five continents needed a PR firm that works seamlessly across global media markets. The competition in its industry was heightened by the pandemic and this SaaS provider needed to achieve greater competitive differentiation and capture a larger market share in North America. The firm’s communications challenge was multi-faceted: their customers could not share success metrics as proof of the technology’s impact, and the client could not make public any information that would showcase the consumer value. The technology itself was too technical to serve as an effective competitive differentiation point when compared to other SaaS companies in the media.


M&Co built a communications strategy informed by the banking and insurance industries’ response to the COVID-19 crisis, an in-depth competitor analysis, evolving consumer needs, and the shifting media landscape.


Our team successfully positioned the company’s spokespeople as differentiated thought leaders with an astute understanding of its customers’ needs. Media results centered on the client’s work with the industry analysts, partners and their customer announcements. The client used the media results we’ve secured to enhance their sales and marketing efforts. Since we began working together, the client has signed multiple new contracts with some of the top insurers and banks in the U.S. and Europe and has doubled their staff.