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Federated Hermes, is a global asset manager with $625 billion in AUM, headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA. Montieth & Company, in collaboration with Brodeur Partners, provided strategic communications and media relations support to Federated Hermes. We were tasked with securing a media placement that would highlight Federated’s Retirement group’s expertise, which could also be used as a sales/marketing tool for the team.


Federated Hermes’s equities strategist had created a presentation that examined the difference in investing style of Women and Millennials when compared to Generation Xers and Baby Boomers and also in comparison to the way men invest. It looked at their comfort level with risk, approach to investing, how much they save and how they relate to advisors and being given advice. The information was informative and eye opening but had not been widely shared.

Montieth & Co. did an analysis of the information and suggested to Federated that the presentation would be the perfect tool for promoting Federated’s growing Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) business. We concluded that it could be turned into a Byline piece which, if positioned correctly, could garner a media placement.

Montieth & Co. moved forward, by conducting an in-depth review of what had already appeared in the media about the topic, discovered where there were openings that the existing reporting did not fill, and looked for where we could close that gap with a Federated Byline piece placement.

After scouring the Web for published content on the topic and evaluating the various media outlets, we came to the conclusion, along with Federated, that Barron’s would be the perfect outlet to showcase the presentation and its content, in particular in the Barron’s Advisors “Point of View (POV)” section of their online publication.


Taking advantage of Montieth & Co.’s vast media relationships with Editors and Writers and with numerous Tier 1 and Tier 2 financial media outlets, we were able to secure a placement for the Federated Hermes Byline piece, in the POV section of Barron’s