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The Best PR Firms in America 2022

by M&Co. Staff

2021 was supposed to be the year that things returned to “normal,” assuming anyone could remember what normal looks like. With COVID variants and historic inflation, it turned out a little differently. But what impressed us about the companies on this year’s list is that they surpassed normal; in so many cases they have used their creativity and their intelligence to find new lines of business and blaze new trails. It’s a dazzling mix of familiar industry faces with some fast-moving newcomers.

Montieth & Co.’s “cross-border PR” model continues to produce dividends for the firm – and for clients. In a nutshell, the agency employs smart, multilingual people in strategic global hub office locations rather than a giant, bottom-heavy organization. M&Co started the year by launching Montieth SPRG, a joint-venture firm in Hong Kong. A globe-spanning client roster includes BrainBox AI, German sustainability investor outfit MPC Energy Solutions, Brazil’s GOL airlines, and Morrow Sodali. Illingworth, a former journalist, is especially sought-after for crisis and litigation comms.

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