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Montieth & Company Announces Corporate Rebranding and Launch of New Website

by M&Co. Staff

“Delivering high-value communications outcomes that matter”
Specialist expertise, client-focus, diversity, and expansion in Europe


New York/London, January 4, 2017—Montieth & Company, a specialist communications consultancy, today unveiled its corporate rebranding and launched its new, full-featured website.

“Our brand identity is grounded in a specialist communications expertise that delivers high-value outcomes for our clients that enable them to seize opportunity and meet their most critical challenges,” said Montieth M. Illingworth, CEO and Global Managing Partner. “The new website captures our global capabilities; track record; core competencies in Strategy, Media, and Content; and our dedication to our clients.”

Today, Montieth & Company also announced its further expansion into Europe through its unique “Centers of Excellence” professional services model. From its office in London, Montieth & Company will provide clients in the United Kingdom and continental Europe with a full range of media relations and thought leadership solutions and services, projecting into multiple money and media market centers.

“Our UK and European clients can also now rely on us to support them in the U.S., and our U.S. clients, in turn, will be able to rely on Montieth & Company to support their European initiatives,” said Illingworth.

The highly visual, interactive, and innovative design features a rotating globe on the home page that invites visitors to explore Montieth & Company’s work throughout the world. The website sets a new digital design standard in the PR industry for engaging visitors, articulating specialist expertise and cross-border capability, and expressing the unique values and character of the organization.

Central to the new brand identity is the firm’s Communications + positioning. “Communications ‘plus’ guides the visitor to our five competitive advantages,” added Illingworth. “We punch above our weight in this business and deliver superior cost-effective results that support our clients in achieving their corporate, business, financial, and reputational objectives.”

The new website also includes:

  • Expanded, more extensive and detailed case studies highlighting notable client work across all practice groups
  • Our cross-border communication capabilities, including our new London office and expansion into European markets
  • A complete list of our PR agency partners around the world
  • The launch of Montieth & Company’s thought leadership series called “Briefing Notes” and a section dedicated to company press releases, speaking engagements, media coverage about the firm, and select media results for clients

The new site was designed by New York-based web design company, BigDrop Inc. known globally for creating digital experiences for brands to communicate unique service sets.