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“A core strength of Montieth & Company is its specialist communications expertise. I’ve relied on it repeatedly and seen the benefits of that expertise for my clients on a wide range of legal matters.”

Josh Epstein

Partner, Davis & Gilbert

"Montieth & Company has provided us with insightful strategic counsel on investor relations and financial communications for almost a decade. The firm has been a trusted partner and a valued source of advice and guidance throughout our transformation into a high performance company with an expanding global business."

Rick Honey

Vice President, Investor Relations and Corporate Communications, Minerals Technologies

“Montieth & Company understands precisely the challenges a company faces in a crisis and knows what needs to be done to limit the potential negative impacts. It understands litigation, regulatory and law enforcement matters at a deep technical level and combines that with communications and media relations solutions that work.”

James McCormick

Former General Counsel, Tremont Capital Management

“Montieth & Company has been instrumental in strategically promoting and supporting our brand through our product launches, tradeshows and social media campaigns. Along with building strong relationships with our target media, they are flexible, resourceful and professional.”

Tracy Christall

Director of Marketing, JK Imaging Ltd.

“Montieth & Company understands the news media, has key relationships that matter, and provides media advice that I have relied on and value.”

Bart Schwartz

Chairman, Guidepost Solutions LLC

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Tremont Group

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