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Montieth & Company Launches Tangible PR to Serve Startups

by M&Co. Staff

A new generation marketing communications consultancy for emerging companies across sectors and global markets

NEW YORK/LONDON, October 21, 2019—Montieth & Company, a global specialist communications consultancy with a background in tech public relations, announced the launch of Tangible (, which provides startups with an integrated suite of marketing communications, content, media relations, and management consultancy services and solutions. Tangible will also provide equity capital and make introductions to third-party investors.

“Entrepreneurship is increasingly global and cross-border, which creates a whole new set of opportunities and challenges for startups,” says Montieth M. Illingworth, CEO, Montieth & Company. “We’re evolving our platform to help these new clients engage with their customers and stakeholders, build their global businesses, define and elevate their brands, and become responsible, purpose-driven organizations.”

Tangible works with today’s emerging companies across industry segments, including fintech, cybersecurity, blockchain and crypto, cleantech, and proptech. Tangible’s startup clients will leverage the firm’s unique global, cross-border model and be provided with fully integrated, flexible, and budget-efficient international marketing communications programs via legacy and digital media.

This expansion of Montieth & Company’s global business—especially now by providing startups with PR and access to equity capital—is driven by the firm’s commitment to serve client needs and ambitions as new technologies emerge and customer and societal interests and markets continue to change.

Miriam Tuerk, CEO of Clear Blue Technologies, adds, “The launch of Tangible is a wonderful addition to the Montieth & Company family. Montieth & Company has supported us across the Americas, Europe, and Africa. As a startup, we rely on the firm’s strategic guidance, command of our content, and extensive, multi-market media relationships. Clear Blue Technologies is growing rapidly around the world, but we still need to remain cost-effective. This budget-efficient model helps us streamline our marketing communications to achieve high-impact outcomes for our brand.”

About Tangible

Tangible is an international marketing communications agency that provides startups across sectors and global money and media markets with a fully integrated set of services and solutions to help propel their growth and profitability and build their brands. More information is available at Tangible PR.

About Montieth & Company
Montieth & Company is a global specialist communications consultancy that provides tech public relations, dedicated to enabling organizations to seize opportunity and meet their greatest challenges. Its services and solutions include marketing communications, financial communications, litigation communications, public affairs, and issues and crisis management. Montieth & Company has Global Hubs in New York City, London, Frankfurt, and Paris and works in multiple money and media center markets throughout North and South America, Europe, the Middle East and Africa, and Asia Pacific.