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How We Deliver Value

We Invest in Our Clients and Work to Establish Long-Term Relationships

Communications Strategy & Plan
Account Structure
Performance Measurement
Client Service
Working for the Long-Term


As a specialist communications firm we look to achieve a precise understanding of the specific opportunity or challenge. The more we know about what you want to achieve for your business or organization, and what determines success, the greater value we know we can be.

We then apply our communications “lens” and Strategy, Media, and Content solution set.


We onboard through in-depth client interviews, industry, market, and audience analysis. Achieving influence with your target audiences is about knowing what will move them to act. We also conduct audience perception audits, focus groups, and message testing.

Strategy & Plan

Our Communications Strategies & Plans drives the program. This includes a strategic communications analysis, audience targeting, positioning, a Messaging Manual, media universe mapping, and a full tactical plan. Tactics are phased to show how success builds over time.


We adapt the structure of our account work to our clients’ needs. Typically, we work on fixed, monthly retainers and annual contracts. We also work on shorter-term project engagements.


We follow the Institute of Public Relations’ Barcelona Principles of Measurement to guide us in the process of goal-setting and success measurement. More information about these principles and how they are applied can be found at the Institute of Public Relations.

Following those principles, we provide a two-tiered system from which we craft client-specific performance metrics.

  1. The first is a ‘Measure Against Communications Objectives’ system, which is included in the retainer.
  2. The second uses outside vendors to measure message penetration and is provided at an additional cost.


Montieth & Company provides detailed results reports, against our performance metrics and KPIs, on the schedule that most suits our clients’ needs.  

Client Service

We anticipate needs before we’re asked to meet them and make even difficult tasks seem easy to complete.


We maintain a flat organizational structure with only three levels of titles – Associate, Director, and Partner. This ensures a high level of senior executive involvement in each account and full engagement from the entire team.


We believe in being a flexible business partner. That means adapting how we work to your circumstances which we know can rapidly change.

Working for the

We invest in our clients to build long-term relationships because we believe deeply in our clients’ long-term success and being an integral part of helping realize it.

We Invest in Our Clients and Work to Establish Long-Term Relationships

Underlying our practice areas are the communications disciplines we strive to master. We believe there is always more to learn and new opportunities for professional growth.