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Underlying our practice areas are the professional disciplines we strive to master. We believe there is always more to learn and new opportunities for professional growth.

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Management Advisory

Montieth & Company’s Management Advisory services are provided by professionals who have experience in leadership roles at organizations across an array of sectors. We assist our clients in understanding the critical opportunities and challenges most impacting their ability to succeed in the marketplace. This is, essentially, business advice, yet provided with the view of what role strategic communications can play in helping our clients achieve key corporate, business and financial objectives.

The Strategic Dialogue ™

Montieth & Company has devised what we term the “Strategic Dialogue”, an analytical system for providing the highest level of strategic counsel and shaping our communications strategies and programs.

The Strategic Dialogue posits that an organization has three separate but related strategic imperatives, each with its own intent, each producing its own benefits.

Corporate Strategies

At the corporate level, strategy is designed to achieve industry or sector leadership. That leadership state may not be absolute (relative to competitors), but it is relative. Sound corporate strategy will aspire to achieving leadership goals.

At the tactical level, corporate leadership can be achieved through the implementation of a series of corporate initiatives, such as recruiting a new leadership team, conducting a series of strategic, transformational acquisitions, or restructuring the company through write-downs and a new generation of capex investments.

Business Strategies

The goal of every business-strategy is to obtain market share that is both profitable and defensible.  Successful execution of the business strategy occurs in a competitive context.

Tactically, implementing the business strategy is through products and services, but also greatly impacted by the organization’s ability to innovate, operate efficiently, and provide client and customer service.

Financial Strategies

Financial strategies have one overriding objective: to generate returns for stakeholders. Whether the company is privately held or publicly traded, stakeholder returns are paramount.

At the tactical level, generating returns, on a relative basis, is driven by a wide variety of factors. Profitability means demonstrating understanding and control of all relevant inputs which calculate to positive financial performance.

Media Strategy

At Montieth &Co. we look at three key components that work in concert to determine media strategy. The first is our understanding and knowledge of our clients and the business of our clients. The second is a clear understanding of the message our client seeks to communicate to their target audiences. The third is our knowledge and understanding of the media, and the ability to determine which channels are most effective in reaching target groups.

Media Relations

Expertise with the news media requires an understanding of how the news process works, what makes a story newsworthy, and how to develop the most productive relationships with individual reporters and news organizations.

These three qualities become particularly important in issues and crisis management situations, where the margin for error when working with the news media is next to zero.

We begin with making sure that the organization`s strategic architecture is clear and compelling and that its core messages are succinctly and compellingly defined. We then take a “high touch” approach with reporters, relying first on our extensive network of relationships, and then on taking the time to make sure the client`s position is clearly understood.

Perhaps most importantly, we work closely with reporters on their stories to align their understanding and interpretation of the facts with the reality of the client’s situation.

Media & Compliance Communications Training

We offer a full set of media training solutions for our clients through our own training systems. Specialized training can also be provided for financial services professionals required to communicate within the boundaries of regulatory compliance.

Social Data Analysis & Reputation Management

Social Data Analysis provides deep insight into “who is saying what to whom, why and with what effect”

Reputation Investigation reveals hidden information about parties and individuals connected to a case, transaction, or event. Using the latest data-mining technology our expert digital investigators cross reference public records and social media for deep domain research and thorough background investigation. We parse only the most relevant data points, create useful data visualizations, and provide actionable strategic recommendations. Read more about Social Data Analysis & Reputation Management

Editorial Services

We conceptualize, develop and write a full range of editorial collateral including:

  • Corporate profiles and brochures
  • Product/service marketing and sales materials
  • Web site content
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Executive speeches
  • By-line articles and op-eds
  • Industry and product White Papers


Our Practice Areas & Disciplines

Bridge Top in Black and WhiteMontieth & Company operates through four practice areas: Corporate & Financial Communications, Marketing Communications, Issues & Crisis Management, and Litigation Communications.


The work of our practice area executives and account teams draws on a core set of professional disciplines: Management Advisory, The Strategic Dialogue ™, Media Strategy, and Media Relations.

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