Senior Advisors

Christine Martin, J.D., Senior Advisor

Christine Martin, Senior Advisor, Montieth & Company. Christine Martin has over ten years experience in litigation support and strategic communications. Ms. Martin has worked on numerous high-profile cases and confidential crisis matters and developed one of the first SMA (social media analysis) protocols for researching Internet based public opinion in large litigation cases for jury … Read more »

Howard Tomb, Senior Advisor

Howard Tomb, Senior Advisor, Montieth & Company. Howard has more than two decades of experience helping large organizations and senior leaders change the thinking and behavior of their most important audiences, including board members, employees, regulators, legislators, consumers, thought leaders and the public. In the 1990's, he helped Philip Morris USA make its historic shift from combat … Read more »

Peter Firestein, Senior Advisor

Peter Firestein, Senior Advisor, Montieth & Company. Peter is the author of “CRISIS OF CHARACTER—Building Corporate Reputation in the Age of Skepticism.” He is President and CEO of Global Strategic Communications, Inc., a New York consultancy that provides strategic advice to senior corporate managements. The company helps managers develop market value and sustainability by building … Read more »

Robert Schulman, Senior Advisor

Robert Schulman, Senior Advisor, Montieth & Company. Robert began his career in finance and investment management as a retail broker at E.F. Hutton. He went on to create the Leveraged Product Division at E. F. Hutton in 1982, and was responsible for the development of various derivative products, as well as growth index, financial futures … Read more »

Arthur P. Garner III, In Memoriam

Arthur P. Garner III, In Memoriam. Art was most recently President and Chief Operating Officer of Lockheed Martin ORINCON Corporation International, a wholly owned subsidiary R&D and innovative technology corporation. As President/COO, he was charged with the execution of the corporate vision and strategy, revenue production, direct labor utilization, and profitability of the business entity. … Read more »

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