Our Values

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We talk extensively about values at Montieth & Company because we know that they form the foundation of our work. The thing about values is that when you see a list of them they all sound good. You want them all. However, to practice what you preach you also need focus. Here’s what we believe in most strongly:


You have to be ambitious for yourself but more importantly for your clients. We instill ambition in our executives about everything they do, especially on behalf of clients. Behind all of that ambition is the passion to be creative, to solve problems and be successful.


This is a frequently used word, but it has so much meaning across what we do. To us it means first and foremost doing the very best job we can, doing it to achieve the goal, and always striving to figure out the best approach. That’s why we define underlying “professional disciplines” within each practice area. Master those disciples and you can succeed to an even higher degree for the client.


Sometimes things are black and white. Mostly they’re not. There are so many variables impacting the decision about the best course of action. We work hard to be thoughtful for our clients in assessing a situation, weighing the options, and calculating the risk/rewards.